You may think that talking to a real estate lawyer before you buy a house may be overkill. However, in many cases, real estate transactions can crossover into complex situations involving real estate law that a real estate agent is not qualified to handle. In such situations, without the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney, you could make a mistake involving a real estate transaction that could haunt your family for generations to come.

Benefits of Talking to a Real Estate Lawyer Before Buying a House

While most standard real estate transactions do not require an attorney, if a legal issue arises involving a real estate purchase or sale, a real estate agent is not qualified to handle it. An example might be if you want to rent a house for a year before deciding whether to purchase it. In such a case, a specialized lease would have to be drawn up and that would more than likely require the assistance of a real estate attorney.

In most cases, when people buy a house, standardized forms are used for the transaction. These types of forms do not address any legal issues that are unique to that home or property. Therefore, if you sign the forms without having a lawyer review them, you could be on the hook for issues that they do not even realize are problems until it is too late. Having a real estate lawyer review your purchase agreement and even revise it beforehand could save you from tying yourself to a bad deal for years or even decades to come.

The Sacramento real estate attorneys at Erickson Law Offices, P.C. can help guide you through the process of successfully buying or selling a home and ensure your legal rights are protected throughout any type of real estate transaction.