Child Hurt at School by Another Child?

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It is often hard for parents, especially new parents, to drop their kids off at school. Many of them are used to having the child around for company and companionship and it is often an emotional experience when a child first goes to school — and rightly so. Not only are you forced to reconcile with the fact that your baby is growing up, but you are also putting their safety into someone else’s hands. Someone you probably do not even know. That is asking a lot — and it is scary, especially in this day and age. When your child is hurt at school, you may have the right to pursue a lawsuit against the school for negligence.

Child injury lawyer, Brandon Erickson, takes the safety of children very seriously. Being a father himself, Brandon has the emotional insight to empathize with a parent whose child has suffered a wrongful injury. He brings that empathy to his representation style and vigorously advocates for rightful compensation to help the injured child and their family recover. If you would like to bring a lawsuit against a school for negligence, then Brandon can help you build a strong case that will better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Who Can be Held Liable When a Child Is Hurt at School?

There can be little else more infuriating than seeing your child hurt because someone failed to uphold their responsibility, no matter how temporary or accidental the grievance. When your child is injured while attending school, the following two circumstances must be investigated in order to hold the school and/or any of its employees accountable:

  • Intentional or Negligence? You will have to prove that your child’s injuries were the fault of another. This means proving that the other party (or parties) intentionally harmed the child or if the child was harmed through his or her negligence (i.e.: not properly supervising the child). Intentional harm can also be brought against your child by another child, say in the instance of bullying. If the injury was a result of another child’s bullying, then the bully’s parents can potentially be held liable for damages. If it can be reasonably assumed or proven that the school knew about the bullying and did nothing about it, then you can potentially hold the school liable as well.
  • Public or Private School? The type of school your child attends makes a difference when it comes to liability. If the injured child attends public school, and you want to pursue legal action against the school, then you are going against the government. In this case, it is highly recommended that you seek the skills of an experienced child injury lawyer as any lawsuit against a government entity will be hard fought. If your child attends private school, the party who can be held liable is a little harder to define; however, generally speaking, pressing charges against a private school or one of its employees works much the same way as a personal injury claim.

Determining who is at fault for a child’s injuries is complicated, emotional and often problematic. Having an experienced child injury lawyer like Brandon by your side will make the process easier as he knows what questions need to be answered and investigated in order to strengthen your case.

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It is stressful to see your child hurting, regardless of how the injury happened. That stress, combined with immense frustration, are amplified when negligence is the reason why your child has suffered a wrongful injury. You undoubtedly want to hold someone responsible. An experienced child injury lawyer like Brandon can help you hold the right parties accountable. By conducting thorough investigative work, coupled with a fierce but empathetic passion for seeing justice served, Brandon knows what it takes to see cases through to a favorable outcome. Whether your child was hurt at school by another child or a school employee, he can help you build a strong case that argues liability and rightful compensation for damages.

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