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Whether you are facing a legal dispute involving estate planning, education law or workplace rights, our California law firm and its leading lawyer, Brandon Erickson, are here to help. Brandon’s focused and personal, client-based approach allows him to not only build the strongest case possible for his clients, but also allows him to form a personal relationship with each one of them. This style of representation has served him well since founding Erickson Law Offices in Gold River. He has succeeded in securing favorable judgments for his clients due to the passionate and strategic approach to each case he takes on. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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If you are in the midst of legal issues involving any of the following areas, then our California law firm can help you.

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Just because you may not have a large estate does not mean that estate planning is not necessary. Whatever the size, we are willing to bet that you care about many — if not all — the things that come with that estate. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you state your intentions concerning the beneficiaries of property and assets clearly, legally and precisely. Doing so will minimize room for error and ultimately ensure security for all that you hold dear.

An estate lawyer can help draw up last and living wills, draft power of attorney paperwork as well as suggest various legal options that can help protect your assets while enforcing the legality of the whole estate planning process. An attorney from our Gold River law firm can further ensure that all of your wants and needs concerning your estate and/or valuable assets are met. With the aid of a professional estate planning attorney, you can rest easier knowing that your legacy is in qualified hands that care about your best interests.

Employment disputes involve some violation of your employee rights. These rights typically include fair wages and working hours, workplace safety, right to privacy and employee benefits.

If you are involved in a legal workplace dispute concerning sexual harassment, discrimination in the workplace due to a disability, race and/or sexual orientation, or any other violation of your employee rights, then our California law firm has extensive experience in securing sizable settlements for mistreated workers. We can also secure workers’ comp for clients, including lost overtime as well as other lost wages and benefits. Know that you have rights, options and people to fight on your side if your employer mistreats you or breaks any of the labor laws set in place by the federal government.

Every child — including those with special needs — in America has the right under the U.S. Constitution to receive a free, appropriate and equal education. Due to this fact, it is often surprising when schools fail to uphold this basic right — legal ramifications are severe if found guilty of violating education laws.

Attorney Brandon Erickson specializes in and is especially passionate about special education law. He takes special care when it comes to children and upholding everyone’s fundamental right to receive the education he or she is rightfully owed. Often, this involves fighting for or enforcing a child’s IEP (independent education plan). Our attorneys are well-versed in California and federal education laws and so we will do everything in our power to ensure that every child receives an education that benefits him or her.

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Being involved in any legal dispute is an understandably overwhelming and confusing experience. However, take heart in knowing that you do not have to do this alone. Whatever qualms you may have about hiring legal representation, know that by doing so you will strengthen your case to its maximum potential. Further, it will generally help lead to a more favorable ruling.

Our California law firm offers free 30-minute consultations. You can sit down face-to-face with Brandon and discuss the unique details of your case. After answering your questions and giving you all the legal advice he can, we will then leave the decision to proceed up to you.

If you are considering hiring legal representation in the state of California concerning any of the aforementioned topics, then contact Erickson Law Offices, P.C. today and schedule your free consultation.