If you have a child with some sort of disability, you may have heard of something called an IEP in relation to our country’s education system. An IEP, or an Individualized Education Program, is needed for children that are wanting to receive special education services at his or her school. If your child has already been evaluated for their disability, the process of receiving an IEP has probably already begun. Regardless, it’s important that California parents understand the IEP process and how it can help their child.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Eligible for an IEP?

IEPs are offered through public education, so they are available to kids who attend public school (charter schools are included). Private schools don’t offer IEPs because they have their own programs, such as a service plan, or Individual Services Plan.

How Will an IEP Help My Child?

An IEP is way more than just a written legal plan or document. It actually lays out the specific program of special education instruction that your child will need, and it provides support and unique services to kids who need to make progress in school in order to succeed. Your child’s IEP is designed to meet his or her exact needs, and it will outline the specific types of help that your child will get. The program and the written plan are both covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which is a special education law.

The process of receiving an IEP begins with a full education evaluation that will highlight your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This result will permit you and the school to create a special program of support and service for child’s needs. Your child might also receive accommodations, such as extended time on tests, speech-language therapy, or assistive technology.

Any child who needs an IEP deserves to be offered one through their school. However, sometimes schools disagree with an IEP offering, or they do not want to offer all the required services that your child will need. Our special education law attorney at Erickson Law Offices, P.C.  are skilled in the IEP process and can help you get the special education plan your child deserves. Contact us today so we can give you more information.