Every child in California and in the entire United States deserves an appropriate education. In fact, a free and appropriate public education is a constitutional right. Too often, the schools don’t do their part to make sure that every child receives a great education.

I’m Brandon Erickson, and I’m an attorney that specializes in California’s special education law. It’s my goal to help every child receive the education that they deserve. I have years of experience helping clients work with the schools to ensure that their child can realize their potential through public education. I enjoy getting to know my clients and advocating on their behalf.

What we do

I represent clients in a variety of special education law issues. My services include advocating for clients with special needs issues. In addition, when teachers and private schools need counsel, I’m able to provide advice to ensure their compliance with state and federal laws. It’s my goal to make sure that every student receives the education that they deserve in compliance with state and federal laws.

Qualifying for and attending IEP meetings

Sometimes the school doesn’t voluntarily offer a deserving child an IEP. I can work with you to convince the school to test your child for eligibility for special services. In other cases, the school wants to provide an IEP but doesn’t want to provide the appropriate services. In those cases, I can attend the IEP meeting with you.

In rare cases, a school wants to impose IEP services when they’re not appropriate. In those cases, we can work together to help the school realize that an IEP is not appropriate. This may require working with the school directly or asking a court to intervene.

Filing a complaint in court

In many cases, we’re able to work successfully with the school to reach an appropriate outcome. In some cases, however, we need to go a step further. You have a right to file a court action if the school refuses to do what’s right for your child.

This can mean review by a judge to determine if the school’s education plan meets special education law requirements. I’m prepared and eager to help you with all of the necessary steps to file in court. I’m an experienced litigator, and I look forward to your day in court.

Education laws in the United States

In the United States, every student has the right to a free and appropriate public education. This is the case whether a student is a traditional student, gifted or has special needs. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in the Endrew F. case that the school must offer each student a plan that’s calculated to enable a child to make appropriate progress in light of the circumstances. This special education law inquiry looks at all of the circumstances involved in the student’s case.

A child’s special education doesn’t have to be ideal, but it has to be reasonable. Determining the right education plan for any child includes involvement of the child’s parents and guardians. In fact, a school can’t decide on an education plan for a child without consulting the parents for input.

Contact Our Special Education Law Attorney

If you think your child may need special education, please contact me. Alternatively, if you feel that your child’s special education plan doesn’t fully accommodate their needs, please contact me. I’d like to work with you to help your child get the services that they deserve.

When I meet with you, I want to get to know you and learn about your child. We can explore what the school proposes for your child and talk about what the law requires the school to do. I look forward to meeting you.