Child holding a magnifying glass in front of a chalkboard.The California Teachers Association’s (CTA) website recently featured an article on how to tell if a school district is breaking special education law. This may seem like something that is happening anywhere but your school district. However, just because it seems far-fetched to you, do not dismiss the possibility. The fact is, if you are seeing changes to the special education programs in your district that you do not like, you need to make sure that your school district is following everything to the letter of the law.

Signs Your Child’s School Is Breaking Special Education Law

Have services and programs for students with disabilities been disappearing from your child’s school? When you have asked questions about why your school seems to be eliminating special education programs, have you been fed the line that they are just trying to do things a new way? If this sounds suspicious to you, you are not alone. These are signs that your school district could be breaking special education law. Here are a few others:

  • Your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) is changed without notice to you or the IEP team.
  • The special education programs at your child’s school become more one-size-fits-all and less individualized, and the job titles for educators assisting your children change suddenly and for no good reason.
  • Your child is forced into general education classes because other options are no longer available and you are given explanations peppered with misleading language when you ask why.
  • Your school district hires an outside firm to evaluate and reorganize its special education programs.
  • Your child’s special education programs are renamed “Specialized Academic Instruction” or something similar. Doing this can enable school districts to circumvent special education law, including eliminating services and changing the curriculum.

These are just a few of the signs parents of students with disabilities should keep an eye out for if they suspect their child’s school is breaking special education laws. Generally, school districts break these laws to save money. It is unacceptable for the bottom line to be prioritized over the education of our children, and school districts that attempt to do so must be held accountable.

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