Brandon Erickson
Associate, Kingsley Bogard

Folsom, California

In 2006, Brandon Erickson was feeling frustrated. Three years earlier, while in the Army National Guard and deployed in Iraq, he had lost most of his right arm in a roadside bomb explosion. The usually optimistic lawyer was having difficulty adapting to his physical limitations and felt fenced in by a routine that was in stark contrast to the life he had loved, growing up on a 3,000-acre farm in North Dakota, where his family had raised crops and tended cattle since homesteading the property in 1888. But Erickson’s wife knew the combination that would restore his health and happiness, and at her urging, he took the first simple steps: He got back to nature, and he got back in motion. “I was just surrounded by city, and I needed the solitary time. Just hearing the sound of your own breathing—it’s good for the soul.”

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