Gold River-based Litigation Firm

Erickson Law Offices, P.C. is a Gold River-based litigation firm that provides the highest quality legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are trusted legal advisers – as well as strategic partners – to each of our clients, ranging from establishing an estate plan, litigating a dispute or protecting your rights as a worker in California.

What makes Erickson Law Offices Unique?

Our client-focused approach to handling even the most sophisticated litigation matters. We listen to our clients’ needs, then build and deliver a customized approach to each client we serve. Our network of trusted and proven professionals – including expert witnesses, consultants, legal service providers and even lawyers outside the firm, all with valuable and unique skill sets – provides the best subject matter expertise available to meet each matter’s specific needs. We don’t push our clients to blindly accept our agreement and rush into a matter just to bill our clients for every hard earned dollar they have. Erickson Law Offices stays in constant communication so that clients understand each step of the process and how their hard-earned dollars are going to protect their rights and fight for the position.

We are passionate about and committed to helping our clients solve their legal issues in the manner most advantageous to their interests. We engage in early and clear case evaluation, strong strategic thinking, and the use of creative and effective approaches to settlements, with the goal of helping each client achieve the best results possible in an efficient and well-reasoned way. When the matter warrants it, we aggressively pursue our clients’ interests in litigation and apply Brandon’s years of courtroom expertise to achieve the best possible judgment or award for our clients.